December 2, 2018

Time to think about new year resolutions. It also is time to remember that a resolution without a plan is only a wish. Have you been thinking about doing something about your addiction? I know it is tough. If you are a Mom you might not want to go away because you don’t want to leave your children for weeks at a time. Here is something you may want to consider – Partial Hospitalization Programs. They vary in each state. Some may have child care. What is great about Partial Hospitalization Programs you get to go home each night. During the day they diagnose your issues, have proper medical care and programs for your issues. Every alcoholic needs a thorough check-up. Are you drinking because you are depressed? Is your serotonin too low? What is your attitude and your hope of giving up drinking? Look into Partial Hospitalization Programs. Don’t have health care insurance? The Partial Hospitalization Program  in your area may have information available how you can pay for your treatment. Be good to yourself in 2019. Get yourself into treatment.