How Drinking Has Changed

Go to Google and type in “drinking during the pandemic” and a whole group of articles will come up. We all know that people suffering with addiction are in danger of increasing their drinking and/or drugs when faced with serious challenges.

O.K. – take a deep breath and consider your choices. Yes, you have heard it before, you are endangering your health, your life and actually the life of the people around you.

Here is the biggie. You don’t have to suffer alone. When you reach for that bottle say to yourself, “Before I touch it let me go on line with Women For Sobriety or with  or Sober.Coffee Podcast.  If you have never gone on line with an Alcoholics Anonymous group for women  now is the perfect time. So what if you have not yet given up drinking. That is why these groups exist. They exist for women like you. Don’t be afraid to let them know how you feel, vent what you are going through. The listeners have all experienced what you are experiencing.