The Holidays Are Coming

You all know the scenario – Halloween for the adults means not only costume parties but also parties with drinks. If you have succeeded in giving up drinking or are trying or thinking about it stay away from those parties. This is why it is so important to be with groups of recovered alcoholics, Women For Sobriety, Alcoholics Anonymous, just to mention a few. In my small town I have noticed in our local newspaper under its listing of “happenings” a group which mentions parties, yoga etc. for those who have been sober for 48 hours. Don’t have it in your town. Get involved with those who are in the same boat as you and organize.

Do you have the cooperation of those in your family who do drink?  This is a tough situation with many angles. Do read the chapters 5 and 6, “Stress and Family Living,”  and “The Alcoholic Woman in the Unhealthy Marriage” in the book, The Drinking Woman Revisited.

Remember if you don’t have the book at home you can always ask your local library to get the book for their self-help section.

Be good to yourself. Take care of yourself.