The Prelude to Giving Up Drinking

Whether you are a man or a woman giving up drinking takes effort and mindfulness. Here is one man’s story who is willing to share in the hope that it helps you.


This is a personal post. I have never shared this publicly until now. But while it’s personal, what I went through has had a profound professional impact on me in 2021. And my hope is someone reads this and it has an impact on them…

This is my first full calendar year of being sober.

My drinking during Covid got out of control. At first, it was having a drink a little earlier than usual. Then, it was having a few more drinks than I normally do. Next thing I knew, I was drinking every day.

I used to drink to have fun. To blow off steam. Last year, drinking became a coping mechanism. I was drinking to numb my emotions – to avoid dealing with my feelings. And with no end in sight to Covid, there was no end in sight to my drinking.

So, I got help and discovered a new life and a new Trey. A life based on meditation, yoga, mindfulness and breathwork. And this new lifestyle that I discovered created a kind, caring and compassionate CEO who comes to work everyday at 100% – fully focused on the happiness, wellness and success of his employees, clients and business.

So, while I’m celebrating the first full year of the new Trey (who I love), I want others to read this and know that 1) you are not alone if you are struggling, 2) there is hope for you if you feel hopeless and 3) it’s ok to share that you don’t drink either. No one has judged me based on my journey. (PS: Drinking in America has gotten out of hand. It’s ok not to drink.)

Happy New Year! See you in 2022!