Elizabeth A Drew MD, FASAM, ABAM, ABFM
Addiction Medical Treatment Specialty Inc. says:
The Drinking Woman Revisited helps women and their families understand what is alcoholism, how it effects everyone in the alcoholics life and what can be done to treat this chronic disease.  Edith Lynn Hornik-Beer in this latest edition discusses the recent studies on alcoholism and today’s options for treating this disease. We can move forward with optimism that recovery is possible and that women alcoholics can heal.

Dr. Thomas P. Beresford Physician with the Department of Veterans Affairs,  Professor of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine of the University of Colorado on the Editorial Board of National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) Medical-Scientific Committee says:
Thirty plus years after its first publication, The Drinking Woman continues to ask salient questions where sufficient answers have not been found. As Ms. Hornik-Beer  intended in the first edition, however, it remains a very hopeful and optimistic examination of female alcoholism.

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