Women for Sobriety, Inc.
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping women overcome alcoholism and other addictions. WFS describes itself as POSITIVE THINKING, METAPHYSICS, MEDITATION, GROUP DYNAMICS, AND PURSUIT OF HEALTH THROUGH NUTRITION.
Sponsored by Alcoholics Anonymous it lets your participate anonymously on-line. There are Spanish, Russian, German  – you name it – speaking groups. You can also click on a site that will tell you where there are meetings near you if you prefer to meet fellow members. Alcoholics Anonymous has also all women groups, co-ed groups, groups open to lesbians, and groups for atheists.

Prefer to talk on the phone? Call 877-765-2164.
Again everything is anonymous

A Social network on line for those dealing with addiction.
Participants tell their stories or just listen. A great source for figuring out how to proceed with your problems. Do you want to see a physician, therapist, or enter a rehabilitation center.

American Society of Addiction Medicine
Want to talk to a physician who specializes in addiction? Want an M.D. who will deal not only with your present addiction but also with the medical damage it may be doing?
Phone: 301.656.3920
Fax: 301.656.3815
This is the web site for the book, FOR TEENAGERS LIVING WITH A PARENT WHO ABUSES ALCOHOL/DRUGS. The web site helps teenagers cope with parents who may suffer from addiction. It helps them to understand that addiction is a disease and how they can cope,  protect themselves, and understand how the addiction has affected their family’s dynamics.

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.
For over 70 years, NCADD has been a valuable resource for millions of people struggling with alcoholism and addiction. A great place to get all kinds of information about alcoholism and other addictions. Sensibly their first words on their present web sit is:  Get Help An Important First Step.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides publications, lists of reliable treatment centers, suicide prevention programs, education, and information on any subjects concerning addiction and your health including trauma and violence, tribal affairs, the needs of veterans and military families and those in the workforce. They answer the phone promptly and lead you to the department ready with suitable  information and practical resources.