We know it’s tough

Any one who is a recovered alcoholic will tell you it is hard giving up drinking. But you know what? So is cancer, so is pneumonia. You get the picture. Alcoholism is a disease, a dangerous disease that can diminish your brain, attack your liver, your stomach lining and much more.

A good way to give up drinking is with a support system. Let’s discuss the options. First of all you can join Alcoholics Anonymous and Women for Sobriety even if you have not yet given up drinking. Everyone of those members was once in the same boat as you.  Good advice and moral support are what you’ll get. As you make friends whether you attend in person or on line you’ll learn that these members are willing to share privately good resources on how to rebuild your life.

Want to know more? The book, The Drinking Woman Revisited, discusses how alcoholism is different for women than for men. It gives case histories of women who succeeded in getting their lives back. Above all it tells how they did it.

Be good to yourself. Take good care of yourself.